The influence of technology

How new technology can help to increase one´s own security

GateTechnology plays a major role within almost every country. In the USA it seems that technology is even faster integrated in everyday activities than anywhere else in the world. This has several reasons. First, in the USA, successful universities such as MIT, Stanford and Yale are frontrunners when it comes to developing and integration of such technologies. Second, it seems that Americans are more willing to integrate those technologies, not just on a micro scale but. While there are of course negative side effects with those technologies, there are a lot of advantages as well, which seem to be more visible than to other users.

Take Europe for example. One might assume that Germany is the frontrunner when it comes to technology. After all, cars were invented to Germany and if someone is an engineer than Germany should be one of the countries that where the same person should look for a job. However, Germany has shown that it is willing to research and develop new technologies, but is not willing to integrate these devices on a larger scale and the negative effects become now visible.

The number of housebreakings has dramatically increased. Even the press, the left and the conservative press, has spoken with one voice on that topic, saying that Germany is no longer a country where security is guaranteed. Of course, the right press uses this statement to fuel concerns about the many refuges that are now entering the country. This leads to further decrease of perceived security among many, mainly the older and the people leaving in East – Germany.

Keys1 Many politicians recommend the use of technology to solve this problem. Specifically they advocate for the use of Ambient Intelligence that is implemented in a house or a flat. But what is Ambient intelligence? Ambient intelligence is a scientific term that can easily be described by this scenario: Imagine you come home and your coffee machine is already boiling. Your partner doesn´t cater you, it is the coffee machine that knows your habits and when the time when it has to serve you. Or consider this. You want to enter your house, but you lost your keys. One common but unpleasant situation almost every person was confronted with. What do you do know? Of course, you can call a locksmith. But that would cost money, time and regrets, why you haven´t looked after your keys better.

Well thanks to Ambient Intelligence, and Garage door repair Sacramento there is a way. You can tell the house some random habits that only you know, or you use your voice, iris or fingerprint to open the door. It is almost too easy to be realistic and it is hard to understand why Ambient Intelligence isn´t integrated on a large scale yet. But one thing is for sure. With this technology the perceived security can increase significantly. All it takes is the will to try the technology. After that the advantages will whey out the disadvantages and people will probably ask themselves why they haven´t implemented the technology earlier.


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Locksmith services

You might not know these things about a locksmith

Bunch of keysA locksmith is almost every day confronted with ambivalent customers. When they recognize that they have lost their keys, they panic. They think about the keys that are not related to their private one´s such as the basement key for their workplace. They know that the key for their care was also part of the bunch of keys and they know that this disaster leads to organizational efforts and stress. As a result they are under stress. Stress that will not be relieved after one hour and when the locksmith has arrived they are exposed to the negative feelings of their customers.

Their customers want the door to be opened as quickly as possible in order to not only feel more comfortable on the couch than in the doorway, but also to look for their keys, that still might lay in the kitchen. Sure, the job of a locksmith is not an easy one. It takes stress resistence, a high degree of professionalism and good mechanical skills. This combination can not only be helpful if you have lost your keys, however there is a chance that you don´t know these following services a locksmith can provide:

Open windows, cars or garage doors

The first association many people have when they hear the world locksmith is „door opener“. But, a locksmith can also open your car, your balcony door or your garage door. After all, they can be opened with a key too and they fall into the lock unintentionally very often. For a locksmith company it would be negligently if they wouldn´t provide these services as well. Please consider that you have to proof that you are the car owner, one thing that can be very complicated if you left your car documents in the car.

Recommend new security measures

A house is never 100 % save. There is always the possibility that a person tries to break in. But there are ways to improve the security. For an ordinary person these ways might be unknown, but not for a professional locksmith. It is his job to provide such methods that give you a better feeling when leaving the house. Ask your local locksmith what measures he could provide. In order to have the most success it could be possible that he asks you to visit you. This might cost more, but the effect will be better on the other hand.

Install the security measures

As mentioned before, locksmith professionals are well trained in mechanical issues and of course they are able to install your wishes. In some cases it might be even necessary that they install them. Because mistakes can ruin their effects or decrease their security. One thing that has to be avoided. Because a housebreaking doesn’t only have effects in regard to material things, but also on the psychological well-being. Many people do not want to come back to their house after a housebreaking. Nor do they feel safe in it.
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